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List of Romantic Comedy Korean Drama

Watch To the Beautiful you Full Episodes with English Sub 

(For you in Full blossom, a.k.a. Hana Kimi)

Plot: Regardless of her friends upholding, Go Jae hee (Choi Seol Ri) who is now a High School student will do anything to meet and get close to a boy she idolizes. She decided to cut her long hair and disguise as Boy to be admitted in their school. She then flies to South Korea and enroll at the all boys “Genie Physical Education High School” with a plan to stay with Tae-Joon (Choi Min-ho) a pole-jumping gold medalist  who is now injured. Let’s see how she struggle to convince and give hope to Tae-Joon back to high jump again. Watch out how their love grows with each other and how the friendship builds in their Dorm. This ROMCOM Drama has a appealing but strong storyline and a swerve of good-looking cast members.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Hangul: 성균관 스캔들 ) – a 2010 historical fiction drama of South Korea it is set in a Sungkyunkwan University during the  Joseon era, where society does not allow females to be educated nor employed. Park Min-young as Kim Yoon-hee disguise herself as her brother Kim Yoon-shik she goes through a series of peculiar jobs generally at a local bookstore to find a way to support her family and his brother who is fall into ill. She also got an illegal offer to increase her earnings by becoming a substitute test-taker for the upcoming entrance examination in the prominent Sungkyunkwan. She then caught by the decent Park Yu-Chun as Lee Sun-joon who later concede her talent and persuade her to enroll at the University.



You’re Beautiful

Boys over Flowers

Secret Garden

Coffee Prince

Lie to Me
My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox
Perfect Match
City Hunter
My Girl
Delightful Girl Chunyang

Mary me Mary

List of Romantic Comedy Korean Movies

Too Beautiful to Lie
Seducing Mr. Perfect
My Boyfriend is Type B
My Girlfriend is an Agent

Baby and I
My Mighty Princess

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